Helpful Links

Sources of information and support


Talking Point

Helpful information about the stages of communication development and ideas about how to help your child.

Words for Life

Language Milestones to age 11 from the National Literacy Trust

National Literacy Trust

Birth to age 3 - Encourages parents and caregivers to talk more to their young children.


I Can

Information about Speech, Language, and Communication milestones

British Stammering Association

Helpful information about stammering

The Makaton Charity

Using signs and symbols to teach communication and literacy skills.


National Autistic Society

Information about Autism and the support of the NAS

Nuffield Dyspraxia Foundation (NDF)

Information about and support for Dyspraxia

National Deaf Children's Society

Information about hearing loss


Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

The professional body for Speech and Language Therapists.


A local charity supporting families living with support needs and disabilities

The Hanen Centre

Information, articles, and classes to teach parents and caregivers how to help their children communicate.