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Lara Goldie

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  I wish I could help you, but unfortunately I am   not  taking on any new clients at the moment.

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I have worked in a variety of settings including early intervention, hospitals (inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation), and a voice clinic at an ENT practice. I am skilled at treating a wide range of speech, language, and voice disorders. 
I have a BS in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, and a Master's Degree in Communication Disorders. I am fully certified in the United Kingdom and the United States (CCC-SLP, MRCSLT, and HCPC-cert). I have 10 years of post graduate experience.


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  1. "Lara is an exceptional Speech & Language Therapist. She worked closely with many of my patients from 2009 to 2012. As an Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor, I need a good Speech & Language Therapist. Lara was that person for me until she had to move - I wish she was still here! She is skilled at speech, swallowing, and voice disorders."
    Dr. Stephen Parsons, MD
    "She is skilled at speech, swallowing, and voice disorders"
  2. "Lara as made more of difference in my ability to effectively help my children than I can explain. With her help/guidance and support I have taught my son to be able to hold a conversation, ask questions and express his thoughts and feelings. Simply said, because of Lara we got to meet and know our son. Even though she has moved away I have used the same information she taught me to help my daughters as well. I can't thank Lara enough for the positive influence she had had on our life."
    Sharlee Giles
    "...because of Lara we got to meet and know our son"
  3. "Lara has changed our lives. After just a few short sessions, my son, who has a diagnosis of Autism started using words to communicate with us. She has been a miracle. We continue to see improvement and are looking forward to what else Lara can teach us. She's patient and my son is very comfortable with her. We would recommend her to anyone needing private speech and language therapy. Only the best for our son and Lara is it!
    Mary De Bastos
    "She's patient and my son is very comfortable with her"
  4. "I highly recommend Lara Goldie. My two children had seen many Speech Therapists before meeting with Lara. None of them had shown the attention and genuine interest in their speech and language development as Lara does, or the time listening to my concerns as a parent that she spends. My children have progressed quickly with her and are excited to work with her on their sounds. She makes them feel special and they have fun in their sessions. I really believe it when I say that Lara is the best Speech Therapist! We are so grateful to her."
    Jana Lee Matthews
    "My children have progressed quickly with her"